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El Toro Zoysia

El Toro Zoysia


Shade Tolerance Very Good
Mowing Height 1-2 "
Wear Resistance Very Good
Recovery from Injury Very Good
Salt Tolerance Very Good
Color Dark Green
Dormant/Winter Color Light Blonde
Drought Tolerance Very Good
Maintenance Requirements Moderate

The Zoysiagrass Standard

When selecting a turfgrass for a home lawn, commercial landscape, or park, there are many factors to consider. These include maintenance requirements, potential water restrictions, shade and foot traffic. El Toro zoysia was developed with these questions in mind. It is the product of the nationally renowned Turfgrass Research Center at the University of California - Riverside. Since its release, El Toro has provided homeowners and turfgrass managers alike with a low maintenance, high quality turfgrass. El Toro has the unique ability to shut itself down in drought situations and quickly recovers when irrigation resumes. This makes it an ideal choice for areas facing water restrictions. It grows very well in the shade where bermuda grass cannot survive. And because it produces less thatch than other zoysia varieties, it can mowed with a rotary mower. El Toro maintains its green color well into the fall, but can also be overseeded with perennial rye grass to provide a lush, green lawn year round.

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